Do you have cell phone reception?
Most people are able to make and receive cell phone calls and text messages while on campgrounds. Cell phones on AT&T and Verizon get the best service on campgrounds.

Do you have WiFi?
There is WiFi at Eisner, and it is focused around the program spaces of the Retreat Center (Manor House, KKC, Messinger Family Machon Leadership Center, and the Beit Am). There is no WiFi in the Hillside Cabins.

Is there A/V and Office Equipment Available?
Manor House, Kaplan Center and the Messinger Leadership Center are all equipped with user friendly, large flat screen TVs that can be easily connect to streaming apps such as Netflix for movie nights. In addition, HDMI adapters are provided for your use to utilize the flat screens for presentations. If your device does not have HDMI compatibility, such as Apple devices, please be sure to bring an appropriate adapter that will allow your device to connect via HMDI.

The Beit Am has its own large screen and video projector system, as well as sound system that your Retreat Host can present how to use and assist in the initial set up of your presentation.
Portable sounds systems can also be requested if needed.

The Retreat Center does not have access to a printer or copy machine. However, there is a Staples with a copy-center within a five-minute car ride from Eisner.

How do I get to and from the retreat center?
Retreat attendees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the retreat center.

By car: We have lots of parking both on camp and in our visitor parking lot.

By charter or school bus: Buses have no problem getting around camp. If your bus will be staying with you throughout your stay, let us know if advance, and we can provide assistance for where they should park.

By commercial bus or train: Peter Pan buses drop off and pick up in Great Barrington daily. The walk from the bus stop to camp is approximately one mile. MetroNorth trains go as close as Wassaic, which is approximately one hour away from camp. Participants must arrange their own transportation if they choose to use public transportation.

By plane: There are two airports near Eisner Retreat Center. Both Albany International Airport (ALB) and Bradley International Airport (BDL) are approximately an hour and fifteen minutes away. Participants must arrange their own transportation if they choose to come by plane.

Is a lot of walking involved?
While our grounds encompass over 600 acres, the majority of our retreat center is within close proximity. There are small inclines on the way to the Hillside Cabins. We hope that you take advantage of our open spaces, hiking trails, and outdoor facilities while you are here.

What about health care?
Groups are responsible for their own medical care. As a precaution, we do ask any group that is staying on the grounds to provide proof of insurance as well as have at least one vehicle on site. Emergencies will be handled by the group leader in consultation with the retreat host for the weekend. Local ambulance services are available, and the nearest hospital is within a mile of Eisner.

What do I need to bring?
We recommend that you bring:

  • comfortable shoes
  • comfortable, layered clothing that will serve you well in our variable climate.
  • sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottles
  • toiletries and medication you will need
  • sheets (unless otherwise noted), blanket, pillow, and towel.

If you forget anything, we are within a five-minute drive of a grocery store and pharmacy.

Does the Retreat Center Supply Linens?
Linens are not included in the standard fee. However, the Retreat Center does offer the opportunity to rent linen sets for each guest for an additional fee. Linen sets include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket, pillow, pillow case, bath mat, towel, hand towel and wash cloth.
No matter where you stay on our campgrounds, we will provide you with an extra blanket for your stay.

What if members of our group have special needs?

If someone in your group has mobility needs, please let us know in advance so we can plan ahead for your stay. Most of our program facilities are fully-accessible.

If members of your group have special dietary needs, please let us know in advance. We are able to work with most types of food allergies. In extreme cases, you may need to bring your own food. If this is the case, we will provide a refrigerator for storage.

If you have participants that need a private bathroom, please let us know in advance. We are happy to provide the most accommodating stay we can.

What type of lodging is available?
Our facilities range from single occupancy to cabins that can house up to 24 people. Bathroom facilities range as well, from private bathrooms, to shared baths. See more about our facilities >

Will there be other groups on-site?
Due to the number of groups desiring to use the Retreat Center and the limited number of available dates, unless contracted for exclusive use of the grounds, there can be other groups in attendance at the retreat center. All groups have exclusive use of their contracted buildings. The dining hall and outdoor recreation/sporting areas are all available to groups on a first come, first serve basis.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not permitted on the grounds, except for service animals such as seeing-eye dogs and the like.

Where can I find directions to the retreat center?
View maps and driving directions to our campgrounds.

Where can we park our vehicles?
There is ample space to park your vehicle on camp near your lodging. Please note that the speed limit on camp is 5 MPH.