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  • Marching for Justice

    I was one of over 300 Reform rabbis that stood, marched, and sang side by side with faith leaders from every corner of the country, from scores of religions and denominations...It is always a powerful experience to reunite with summer camp friends to practice the values we teach and live at camp - be it at Eisner, or in our nation's capital on the 54th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. 

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  • Parashat Re’eh: What Do You See?

    This summer, what did you see? This week, we read parashat Re’eh, which translates to “behold” or “look.” For many, this is the first Shabbat we will spend at home, apart from each other and outside the Eisner Bubble. Shabbat is one of the most sacred times at camp – full of singing, dancing, and joy. There is nothing like Shabbat at camp.

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