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Our 2022 Staff Application is live! Are you looking to spend a summer making memories that last a lifetime? Are you looking to catapult your career?  If so, then a summer at Eisner Camp might be right for you!  Our staff alumni have used the skills learned at camp to become social media directors, heads of marketing, educators, non-profit profesionals, CEO’s of major corporations, and more! No matter what your professional path is- Eisner Camp will get you there!

For our 2022 camping season, our campers will be arriving on June 26th and departing on August 14th.   Based on these dates, we anticipate our counselors and coaches/instructors arriving two weeks prior to our camper arrival, potentially on June 10th. For our leadership team, we anticipate staff arrival to be 3 weeks before our campers arrive, potentially on June 4th.   For our support staff and other positions,  arrival dates will be determined based on  position. This page will be updated throughout the winter and spring as we prepare for Summer 2022.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!  If you have any questions or would like to speak with us before applying, please email Eva Gruenberg, Assistant Director, at

Note for returning staff members: please sign in with your CampInTouch login email from your previous summer working with us. We can always change this email after you apply. Please also note that the state of Massachusetts requires new references for any employee that has been away from an organization for one year or more.