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Yesterday was a very special day. Not only did the skies stay blue and the weather temperate… not only did we enjoy some amazing performances in our first-ever “Cabaret”… but we also raised awareness and funds for some outstanding organizations in our Ofarim Tzedakah Fair!


At the Tzedakah Fair, Eisner learned all about how to choose a cause to support in an informed way, as well as ways to make a tangible difference. We touched on themes of tzedakah, naturally, but also allyship and volunteerism. Campers chose these causes after spending the session studying topics like discriminiation, the environment, and poverty. Many of the organizations are related to these causes, and some are very near to the hearts of our campers.


Usually we donate the spare change from our trip day money to causes that are highlighted by our campers. However, this summer we reached out to our faculty members who usually spend a week or two at camp and asked them to chip in– and some of our unit heads even participated too! In the end, we raised $2,000 for the organizations our campers presented about in a three-hour fair. Campers in every unit were given beads to represent money, and they used those beads to “vote” for and donate to the organizations they wanted to support.


The results are in, and each organization will receive between $80 and $215! We hope you will take a chance to click on the links and support some of these causes, some of which will be familiar and some we hope will be new to you.

The Trevor Project

Emily’s List

The Orangutan Project

Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project

OUT Metrowest

The Alzheimer’s Association

World Wildlife Fund

Clean Air Task Force

Ronald McDonald House Charities 

The Heart Foundation

Wolf Conservation Center

Midnight Run

Kiss the Ground

American Indian College Fund