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Dearest Eisner Families,

In the last week, it has filled our hearts with hope and light to see our campers, staff, alumni, and faculty living their Jewish values by taking a stand against hatred and racism and standing up for the dignity and equality of all people. In the face of injustice, our community will not remain silent.

The URJ’s mission of creating a more just, whole, and compassionate world means that we have a moral imperative to transform the deeply rooted racism in America. Together as a community we join the wave of multiracial activists who have taken on the moral and spiritual courage to say with our bodies, words, and deeds, Black Lives Matter.

URJ Northeast Camps has put together some resources for us all to self-reflect and begin or continue this important conversation, but we know that the work does not stop with learning. We encourage every single one of us, without exception, to be the protagonist that demands that we become a society dedicated to peace, justice, and unity.

We’re sending out love to our community, our Black brothers and sisters, and our friends who have committed themselves to the pursuit of justice in the street and from their homes. We promise to continue to follow Torah’s righteous edict, “tzedek tzedek tirdof,” (Deut. 16:18), justice, justice you shall pursue.

Justice, justice we shall pursue.

With Love,

Debby, James, and Jayme Dale