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Welcome to Bubble Letters: A new series of letters written by campers from the bubble, to you. Enjoy!

Adrian, Chalutzim Bunk 44

As I wake up to the beautiful sounds of birds chirping, out of habit, I try to go back to sleep, like I do during the school year. But then I remember, this is Eisner.

Let me explain, you don’t sleep at Eisner. You wake up at 6:30 AM to get in an hour of playing cards and talking with your friends on the back porch. As I climb down off of my top bunk and start putting on my clothes, I begin my morning ritual: listing off the good things that will happen today. While this is hard during the school year (cause y’know, school), it’s quite easy to do at camp.

As I step onto the back porch, the familiar sound of my friends laughing and talking fills my ears. I smile. This is the quality and the effect of the community at Eisner: amazing.

As I walk down to the Chadar Ochel, I nod to familiar faces. I say “hi” to a couple of unit heads. I step out of the way as a golf cart drives by. I say “hi” to the driver and continue to walk. As I reach the Chadar, I walk to my unit door which is shared with Ofarim. I say “hello” to a couple of Ofarimers, and then continue the conversation with my friends. This is my paradise. Cause this is Eisner.

As I sit at my table, I meet the Machon for the day. After everyone settles down, we say the prayer. Then the meal starts.

As kitchen staff fill the aisles with warmers, we unstack orange juice, water, cups, plates, and bowls that were put on our carts by Toranut beforehand. Once a warmer gets to us, we are handed 2-3 platters of food. We pass them down the table. Then, we eat.

As we file out of the Chadar to go to our Hoda’ot locations after breakfast, our bellies thank us for such a delicious meal. But really, we should be thanking the kitchen staff.

After some fun Nikay’on, we walk from our bunk to swimming. During instructional swim, we splash around. After swim, we sprint up Merkaz Hill to change. After changing in the Merkaz, we head to our sports. My sport this week is ultimate frisbee.

After throwing some disks, and baking in the sun, we leave for Limud. During today’s lesson, we learned about lies and white lies following our unit of balance. After an hour of interesting Jewish learning (Limud) we leave the Quad and head to lunch.

Yet again, delicious smells fill my nostrils.

This is the magic of Eisner. (And I’ve only talked about half a day!)