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Welcome to Bubble Letters: A new series of letters written by campers from the bubble, to you. Enjoy!

Zoe Dichter, Ofarim Bunk 18


This week was lots of fun! The whole session, actually, has been very exciting. This week my activities were adventure, soccer, and drama. Adventure was hard, but definitely worth it. Soccer was good mostly because it’s a sport I really enjoy, and a lot of my friends had it too. As for drama, the play is tomorrow, so we’re mostly just putting on finishing touches. Tomorrow, because it is the day of the show, we will stay in the Beit Am all day, and just rehearse all day. We do miss all of our other activities, but it is a good day anyway. And the Beit Am is air conditioned, so that’s a plus. My favorite day so far this session has been trip day. We went to Six Flags, and my group went on tons of roller coasters. It was a hot but awesome day.