Blog  Eisner in Israel: Week Two Update

Eisner in Israel: Week Two Update

Shalom from the Negev!

We’ve had a busy week of traveling- starting  in Krakow Poland where we visited the Krakow Ghetto as well as the concentration camps auschwitz and birkenau. It was a difficult day for many of us but we were glad to have our camp friends with us to support one another. We ended the day with an amazing and uplifting Shabbat service at the beautiful Temple Synagogue in Krakow.

After Krakow we drove to Warsaw where we saw another ghetto, learned about resistance leaders during the holocaust, and then we got to enjoy some time at a playground and park before heading to the airport.

And at long last, we said “Goodbye” to Europe and “Shalom” to Israel! After arriving at the airport at a cool 3am we got some much needed rest at a kibbutz near Tel Aviv before exploring Yafo for dinner and some free time.

Tuesday morning we drove south to the Negev to begin our four day journey in the desert. Our days in the desert have consisted of early morning sunrise hikes, beaches and snorkeling mid-day, late afternoon hikes, delicious teva food, and of course the most incredible stargazing from our sleeping bags before bed. We’re excited to play in the sand dunes tomorrow to finish out our desert week and then spend Shabbat in Jerusalem.

Before we go, we want to teach you some important Hebrew words.

Yalla: let’s go

Sababa: cool

Mayim: water! (This one is important. In the desert we need to drink at least 3 liters a day!)


We’re having an amazing time here and missing camp a lot too! Until next week!

Xoxo Olim 18 (lucky to be)