Blog  Opening Day by the Numbers

Opening Day by the Numbers

Opening Day was filled with energy and excitement at 53 Brookside Road! We kicked off our summer with tons of fun. Here’s a Numbers View of Opening Day:

Before the morning began, 95 copies of The Bubble were printed and distributed across the Chadar Ochel while 299 staff members donned their Eisner t-shirts. Our 50 Machonikim made welcome signs and got ready to open the gates.

575 campers arrived from 19 different states and 7 countries from around the world. 169 of those campers passed through our gates for the first time. 

All of those campers moved into 46 cabins on Emet, Chesed, and Olim Hill –– our 3 living areas at camp. Once everyone was moved in, each of our 7 units had picnic lunches throughout the camp. For lunch, the kitchen staff made 986 sandwiches including 100 that were gluten free/special.

After lunch, we took 92 bunk photos – one smiley and one silly, of course. From there, we all gathered for the first time together in the newly dedicated Rabbi Aaron D. Panken Beit T’filah for the Opening Ceremony. 

Our 9 songleaders welcomed us with 17 songs and 2 blessings, which got us moving and grooving to the Eisner Camp spirit! Along the way, the entire community helped us carry 4 Torahs to Ha’Etz, our ark.

By the time dinner rolled around, the kitchen staff had prepared 300 pounds of ground beef for meat sauce and 180 pounds of spaghetti, which doubles in size after it’s cooked to be a whopping 360 pounds of pasta!

Our social media team uploaded 709 pictures of smiling faces and big hugs.

All of our campers brushed a total of 18,400 teeth (DISCLAIMER: cannot confirm the total number of missing teeth). And, somehow, there were 0 water bottles in the lost and found (so far).

At the end of the day, our 1 big community went to sleep under the beautiful night sky with millions of stars.

Check out our recap video here: