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We’ve been busy at work this off-season making updates and improvements to our program and facility so that Summer 2019 will be the best summer ever! Take a peek behind the curtain at some of the updates that await you on Opening Day and beyond…

Well, it wouldn’t be summer without a new inflatable on the lake, and since it’s going to be summer, that’s exactly what you’ll see on Opening Day! In case you missed James’s March video, we’re also super excited about being able to offer Woodshop this summer. To help us address the high demand for archery, we’ve hired a second instructor so we can give even more campers the chance to find their inner-Katniss or Hawkeye. Camp shows this summer include “A Year with Frog and Toad” (first session K’tanim & Bonim), “The Lion King” (first session Chalutzim & Ofarim), “Shrek” (first session Chaverim & Tzofim) and an original all-unit musical revue during second session. And we’ll be welcoming some friends old and new to share some of their amazing talents with us. Guest artists this summer will include musicians Alan Goodis and Jacob “Spike” Kraus, and artists Hillel Smith and Marna Chester. Finally, our health and wellness initiatives—from early morning swims and runs to meditation and yoga offerings—will all continue as we strive to be more present, mindful and connected to our camp experiences.

Speaking of health and wellness, work continues apace on the new Ava Gottlieb Health and Wellness Center. Though it’s almost double the size of the old Health Center, you’ll see that it fits in so comfortably. We know that it will help us enhance our ability to serve the entire camp community. We hope that everyone will have the chance to visit—on the outside! And if you’re not feeling well, know that you will be welcomed inside with open arms!

When you arrive to camp on Opening Day, you may notice that Beit T’filah looks a little different too. That’s because there will be more trees planted throughout that will provide shade for years to come. Not only that, we’ll have more green benches with backs to accommodate our camp community a little more comfortably.

These are just some of the things awaiting you this summer. But the most important things awaiting you aren’t the things you’ll do or the places you’ll visit. No, the most important things that will be awaiting you on Opening Day are the counselors, coaches, instructors, support staff members, medical staff, leadership team members and everyone else who can’t wait to meet you and help you have the best summer possible!