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By: Maddy Greenstein, Yom Tzofim Blogger

Every summer, Eisner has a special day called Yom Tzofim.  This day is special because Olim, the oldest unit on camp, is away on trip day.  So, the unit immediately below them, Tzofim, takes over camp. I’m Maddy Greenstein, and I chose to be a part of the Social Media team at Eisner.  I enjoy writing so I figured this would be a fitting job. Tzofimers all over camp are shadowing different positions, from head director to kitchen staff.  This day is a great opportunity for Tzofim to practice leadership as we will be taking on the role of Olim next year, and many of the younger campers will be looking up to us.  In order to get these positions, we were interviewed by our counselors. We were asked about our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the different jobs we were interested in. We were then given a position by our unit heads, who sorted through all the applications to find a job that was well-suited for us.  In order to break the news to the rest of camp that we were taking over, we made a cheer and performed it at the end of breakfast. We used the tune of the Olim cheer, and wrote two lines about Yom Tzofim: “Hi, we’re Tzofim and let us tell you what we know. With Olim gone, it’s our turn to give running camp a go!”  After breakfast, we reported to our locations and the day began!

This morning, I went around and interviewed different people on camp.  I asked them all what they liked about Yom Tzofim. Layla Steinbock, who took on the role of office manager, said she liked, “Being able to become a leader.”  Shira Mallah, the Limud Director for today, said, “We get to see what it’s like to be a part of staff.” Hannah Youngwood on waterfront said she liked, “Getting to experience what it’s like to be a counselor and to teach kids in other units.” Lastly, Cam Cooper, who was a director for Yom Tzofim, said he likes, “Taking on more responsibility, and the challenges that come with it.”

This is a day I was very much looking forward to and it’s very exciting to take over camp with the rest of my friends! Check out some photos below (click to enlarge)!