Blog  Campers Learn Paper Sculpting and Fencing from Special Guests This Week

Campers Learn Paper Sculpting and Fencing from Special Guests This Week

This week, we are lucky to be joined by two special guests at Eisner, artist Marna Chester and fencing instructor Jonathon Williams. Marna and Jonathon have been leading activities for each unit, helping enrich our program and provide unique opportunities to our campers.

Marna is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist who specializes in paper sculpture. With just a few simple supplies–nothing more than paper, scissors, and some glue–Marna has helped guide our campers as they craft creative three-dimensional pieces. More than mere origami, our campers have created everything from animals and trees to sundials and paper prisms that manipulate light. “Every session is totally different,” said Marna. “This isn’t school!” Check out Marna’s impressive work.

Jonathon is a US Fencing Coaches Association-certified fencing instructor and the founder of the Berkshire Mountain Fencing Academy. A veteran of the sport, Jonathon enjoys coaching and teaching new generations of fencers. He has been teaching our campers the techniques, terminology, and strategy of fencing. By practicing both against him and each other, our campers are honing skills they never knew they had! The lawn outside the Beit Am has been turned into a full-blown fencing piste, with campers in uniforms with fencing swords. It’s like a scene out of Parent Trap!

Thank you to Marna and Jonathon for their expertise, patience, and creativity! Check out some pictures of Marna and Jonathon’s sessions below (click to enlarge)!