7 Ways to Campify Your Purim!

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Purim is just three weeks away, and as we celebrate Esther’s courage and Jewish identity, we can’t help but think about our campers who grow personally and Jewishly every day during the summer!  We hope that you’ll use your congregation’s Purim celebrations as an opportunity to share the magic of our URJ camps. Here are some ideas!
  1. Set up a table at your Purim Carnival, and be sure to share our new brochures and play our new promotional video!
  2. peak from the bima about camp at a Megillah Reading.
  3. Host a Gaga tournament or game at your Purim carnival, and provide camp swag as prizes.
  4. Make a Haman Hat or Esther Crown that says “Ask me about camp.”
  5. Dress as a camp counselor as you promote camp during your Purim festivities.
  6. Bake and sell some s’mores hamentaschen to raise money for camp scholarship (or just to celebrate camp and Purim!)
  7. Print and share the Purim-palooza Activity Book from the Foundation for Jewish Camp. 
 Let us know how we can support your efforts, and don’t forget to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram, #camppurim, and tag @urjeisnercamp @urjcranelakecamp and @urjscitecheast