Blog  Unit Updates, Week 5

Unit Updates, Week 5

We’re one week in to second session… what have our units been up to?


It was such an incredible first week for K’tanim to kick off second session. From getting to know each other at our “Day Camp” mixer to splashing around at our awesome pool party, we’ve had an amazing time all week long. We each received a Leadership Team Buddy, and it’s so exciting to see them around camp! We then got to know all of the foreign staff at camp during Yom Yisrael and International Night. Now we are getting ready for the All-Camp dance! It’s been an amazing, busy week!



Bonim has had a magical first week of second session. We kicked it off by playing all sorts of backyard games and getting to know one another. This bonding continued as we had our Bonim pool party and got to splash and play with all of our new friends. And just in case that wasn’t enough, we all met our Olim buddies and we got to run and play through our favorite Disney movies. We learned about Israel on Yom Yisrael, and about other countries where our counselors are from on International Night! The week ended with our first Shabbat, where we got to sing and dance together and celebrate all that happened this week. We cannot wait to see what this next week has to bring for Bonim!


We had an amazing start to our second session! We led the first Shabbat of the session for all of camp. We wrote, sang, danced, and created art on the importance of words. We danced our way through the Industrial Revolution, raced through our first day of middle school, and cheered loudly in the Chadar! We can’t wait for the amazing adventures of next week, like our trip to Lake Compounce and a bunch of new, fun activities. Speak soon!


The first week of second session is over already!? Man, how the time has flown by.  Ofarim has been so busy with new activities and experiences.  In the beginning of the week, we welcomed all of our new campers to our unit.  At our Opening Ceremony we passed the Torah down from oldest camper all the way down to the youngest camper.  This week we all tried new things such as tennis, mixed media, and ultimate frisbee.  Some of our bunks enjoyed a Teva experience, in which we spent 24 hours with our nature specialists, camped, hiked, and cooked our own meals in the beautiful Berkshires.  One of our evening programs was called “Louis Lost His Marbles” in which our campers ran around camp helping Louis fix different “problems” such as frogs in the pool.  We are looking forward to an even more fun second week!


This week was the first week of camp for many of the Chaverim campers! Second session began on Monday and the full summer campers welcomed the new campers, even on the rainy day that it was. The first week together was very exciting! We started work on the all camp show, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We had Yom Israel and International Night, where we got to learn and experience a bit of the cultures of Israel and many other countries around the world, like England, Czech Republic, and Poland. We are looking forward to going white water rafting next week for trip day!


Tzofim had such a great first week of Session 2! We were so excited to welcome our new friends into Tzofim and everyone has been having so much fun with new activities and getting to know each other! We especially enjoyed Yom Yisrael and International Night, two all-camp events in which we got to spend time learning about and celebrating our staff from all over the world. We are looking forward to Yom Tzofim and Trip Day next week and can’t wait to share all about it!


In this riveting first week of second session, Olim rejuvenated their ruach with the addition of some amazing new faces, and some new takes on what camp has to offer. Not only did 14 new campers arrive, but an organization, Kids4Peace graced us with insight on social justice and the conflict in the Middle Eastern. The unit socialized, learned, and laughed with these 15 year-olds from Boston, Palestine and Israel. Later, we embarked on a creative venture in our Judaic art instruction! At the end of the program, Olim had pieced together a mural that combined not only all of our individual ideas, but the identity of Olim in itself. It cannot be denied that Olim is off to a great start to the session, with only more excitement to come.