Blog  Jewish Life Update, Week 5: Featuring Our Kitchen Staff!

Jewish Life Update, Week 5: Featuring Our Kitchen Staff!

You may have read about our gratitude programs before here or here, or watched this video. This session we began again with practicing giving and receiving thanks. Using a paper cut out of a phone (that was nearly as exciting as having a real phone), campers placed “calls” to people and expressed gratitude out loud to people including their parents and grandparents, various presidents, and other important figures in their lives. Full-summer campers turned to their friends and told them what they appreciated. We talked in detail about effective ways to give thanks, such as looking a person in the eye, saying the words “thank you,” and using body language to express thanks.

All campers got another chance to get to know our various kitchen staff members, and several of them volunteered comments such as, “Thank you for making the food that I love so much,” or “Thank you for waking up so early.” Some full-summer campers wrote blurbs about the kitchen staff member they met which will be featured in The Daily Bubble. Enjoy the one below by Chaverim camper Sophie Small:

Today we met with Annie. She automatically started answering our questions with pride. We learned that Thursday, July 27 is her 25th birthday. She’s from a small village in the Czech Republic, where she lives with her parents, brother, two cats and a dog. They have a large garden and farm, and they have chickens that lay fresh eggs. This is her first time outside of Europe! She was surprised by how big everything is. After camp, she and her friend Ana plan to travel. They’re going to New York and Niagara Falls and then are flying to San Francisco. In San Francisco, they’re going to go on a road trip around the national parks. Back home, she’s studying marketing and business with plans to graduate next year, and she likes to horseback ride and run. She really likes Eisner and wishes everyone an amazing summer!