Ofarim Leads Camp in Tikkun Olam at the Tzedakah Fair

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It’s that time of year when we have a camp-wide Tzedakah Fair hosted by our Ofarim campers who have spent all summer learning about tzedakah and a variety of causes. Ofarim campers kept up their energy all morning in the hot sun, teaching everyone on camp about their causes. You can get a sense of the energy and commitment of our campers by watching this video.

We have done this fair for a few years now, and this year the campers came to the first day of Limud excited to get to work–some even had ideas about which organization they wanted to promote. We also got to learn from our camp development staff Corey Cutler and Alison Simpson about effective ways to make a pitch. The $2000 raised comes from leftover trip day money (we asked families to opt in on camper registration) as well as matching funds from our faculty this week. The awareness raised goes a long way as well; this year one of the organizations featured was one that a camper introduced us to last year.

Campers also had a chance to learn about some local organizations which we planned to visit on a volunteer day that was unfortunately rained out (twice!). Your child will come home with a giving guide to the Berkshires and perhaps some ideas about where they might want to focus their efforts for a mitzvah project. Please check out the organizations and support them if you choose: Great Barrington Land Conservancy, Construct, Railroad Street Youth Project, and Berkshire Jewish Federation.

At the Tzedakah Fair, campers voted to donate the following amounts to these organizations: