Blog  Jewish Life Update, Week Three: Chia Pets and Patience

Jewish Life Update, Week Three: Chia Pets and Patience

What does a chia pet have to do with Jewish values? This summer our Chalutzim campers are learning about middot, or Jewish values or measures of character, through various activities around camp. We did trust activities to experience courage, visited the farm to talk about responsibility, discussed the right measure of truth in the bunks, and learned patience by planting grass heads and caring for them while we wait for them to sprout.




The concept of the core of all of our learning is how much or how little of each value is appropriate in a given circumstance. For example, when we are faced with an injustice, we may want to act rather than exhibit patience. When something is taking the time it needs to grow, like our little grass head pets… well, we just have to wait. We talked about different strategies for being patient as well–reminding ourselves that things take the time they take, or using distractions like reading or music or friends. We are also finding out that waiting for something can make it even more precious! When your camper gets home, try out this idea of figuring out the appropriate amount of things like loyalty, honesty, or courage. Let us know how it goes in the comments!