Blog  Unit Updates, Week 1

Unit Updates, Week 1

Looking back on the first week of the summer- what have our units been up to?


It was such an incredible first week getting to know our unit. From playing Hide and Go Seek throughout Manor House to splashing around the pool during free swim, we had a blast all week long! We each received a Leadership Team Buddy and have had so much fun getting to know them. This week is going to be even better and we can’t wait!



Bonim is surely living the Bo-dream! Last week we dived into camp and started all of our first activity rotations! You could find us all over camp kicking soccer balls, playing on the lake, drawing portraits and much, much more! Our evening program on Tuesday night took us to the Joseph Eisner Petting Zoo where we got to play games with different animals! On Wednesday night we transformed into super spies and completed tasks all over camp to rescue our unit heads! Perhaps the most exciting part of our week though was meeting our Olim buddies on Thursday night! We’re already hanging out with them all over camp and during Breira. We can’t wait to spend more time with them over the coming weeks! We closed out the week with a spirited Shabbat! This week we’re looking forward to new activities and our annual Fourth of July carnival!


Chalutzim had an incredible first week of camp! We learned about inclusion, had an intense Olympic competition, and helped defend camp from invading chickens! In Limud, we began to learn about different middot (values) by traveling all over camp to learn how our Jewish values can be integrated into everything that we do – even soccer. Our unit may be the smallest on camp, but it is already clear that we are among the most spirited. We can’t wait to see what this next week has in store.




Last week was been an absolute blast! It’s been so much fun returning back to camp to be greeted by old and new friends as well as great new counselors. We are all so happy to be settling back into the Eisner routine.  Our first week of activities ranged from sports such as baseball, yoga, and flag football to arts such as painting on the hill, testing out our new digital media chug, and auditioning for our unit’s production of Matilda. Every camper who tried out for the show all received parts such as one of the children, Matilda, or Mr. Honey. We kicked off our summer of evening activities with a special night in which Sydney, our Unit Head, “became a Bat Mitzvah.”  After a special T’filah in which she was honored, the night ranged from Coke and Pepsi,  limbo, mummy wrapping ourselves, and a crazy fun dance party.  Throughout the week we worked with our rabbis and Limud specialists to prepare for leading our Friday night Shabbat T’filah for the entire camp.  Our theme was “Gratitude” and we expressed our many forms of gratitude and thanks for our family, our friends, and camp through dance, song, art, and readings.  We cannot wait for the next week filled with new activities, new friends, and new experiences!


This week, Chaverim reunited with their friends from last summer! They had a lot of time to catch up throughout each day at different activities, like ceramics, cooking, archery, basketball, and other creative chugim led by counselors. A group of campers came together and made an a capella group that performed the song “Royals” by Lorde for the camp directors! We learned all about gratitude and inclusion at our Kesher courses, which were led by the wonderful faculty. During evening programs, we all learned about dental hygiene and about the justice system in America, and discussed whether or not spaghetti should be legal. A few of our cabins had their bunk experiences at Teva, where they slept in tents, cooked their own food, and went for a nice hike around camp! This week we are getting ready to celebrate July 4th and welcome the Friendship Caravan all the way from Israel, and we are very excited! We are all looking forward to a lot more fun with all of our Chaverim!


Tzofim had such an amazing first week! Opening Day was so fun. We all met new people in our unit and reunited with old friends from past summers! After Opening Day, we jumped straight into camp. We could be seen all around camp playing sports, participating in water chugim, and making beautiful pieces of art. All of our bunks participated in a half day ropes activity last week, where we bonded with our fellow bunk mates by doing team bonding exercises and pushed ourselves a little outside our comfort zones by doing an element on high ropes. This coming week we are leading Shabbat T’filah so we will begin to prepare soon. We are so excited to see what week 2 has to offer!


Olim had a wonderful first week! We got silly with our Bonim buddies, thoughtful with our Becoming Olim programs, and spontaneous with our “nontalent” show. We were so proud of the way Olim led services on Saturday, sharing our thoughts about gratitude and its place here in our camp community. We are all looking forward to a fun 4th of July carnival in just a few short days!