Blog  New Logo for Eisner and Crane Lake Camps!

New Logo for Eisner and Crane Lake Camps!

When Eisner Camp and Crane Lake Camp joined in partnership with the purchase of Crane Lake in 1998, we hoped not to be seen as competitors, but as being uniquely connected. Over the last 20 years, we have adapted our logo to illustrate our partnership. Our current logo is a Tree of Life with two trunks, celebrating how our two camps come together.  Our Tree of Life is rich in Jewish symbolism as well: it has 18 leaves, representing chai (life), and the branches come together into a flame representing a ner tamid, our eternal light. It was important for our community– from camp parents to board members to our congregations– to see our camps as one. Our branding reflected our partnership, and at this point in our shared history we feel as though this unity has been achieved.

It has now become apparent to our community that while each camp will always continue to exhibit support and love for its partner, each camp also needs to highlight its own unique identity. Our new logo will serve both purposes: it will celebrate each camp’s individuality while also celebrating the community we have built. The logo has been inspired by our camps’ actual landscapes and depicts our camps’ most sacred spaces. You will see Eisner’s Ha’etz, the special tree-shaped ark in our beautiful Beit T’filah, and Crane Lake’s beloved lake with a campfire on its bank representing our ner tamid which helps each camper shine.  In this way, we’ve preserved the Jewish imagery from the previous logo while also rooting it in each camp’s unique site.  Each camp’s logo stands alone and becomes even more beautiful as it joins seamlessly with the other, demonstrating our camps’ unity. We hope you like the new logo and the philosophy behind it!