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by Zoe Schwab

The Look for the Good Project (LFTGP) is a non-profit organization that uses gratitude to empower kindness in communities. Previously, Anne Kubitsky, the founder and CEO of LFTGP, went to schools to introduce the project and two-week gratitude campaign. Recently, LFTGP launched an online initiative that is accessible to any school who would like to participate in this program. So far, over 30 schools have signed up for the gratitude campaign kits, which will empower over 12,000 kids to lift up their schools with gratitude and spread kindness in a time where we really need it the most. The LFTGP has really skyrocketed this past year and has made a difference in the lives of thousands of kids all over the world.

As MVP (Most Valuable Player) at LFTGP, I have helped to write and edit a book that is included in the campaign kits, appeared on tv twice to promote the project, participated in packing the campaign kits, and raised over $800 for a yearly scholarship fund. Additionally, my sister, Emi and I were able to use the LFTGP’s message to lift up a little boy who was harshly brought down by bullies. 7-year-old Jonathan was severely attacked on his school’s playground by two older boys and was left with a broken arm and scarred heart. This little boy needed some love and to be told that he matters. Emi and I asked our school communities to help out, and we collected almost 1000 cards with inspiring and motivating messages to deliver to Jonathan. Jonathan is now wearing a smaller cast and is gradually starting to feel better after this traumatic experience. Emi and I both used gratitude and kindness to show this boy that love always wins, and no matter what happens people will always be there to support you and lift you up!

I am also currently working on my Bat Mitzvah project, for which I will be bringing the LFTGP to my temple to inspire my religious community and hopefully make it a more grateful and kind place.

At Eisner we are taught to “Be the One” and to be kind to everyone, which are some of the same ideas we promote in the LFTGP campaign. At Eisner, our differences do not polarize us, but bring us closer together. We embrace everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, the gender they identify as, or their personal beliefs. LFTGP also encourages students to be kind to everyone, despite their differences, and teaches that our differences make us stronger. Although Tikkun Olam, Gemilut Chasadim and B’ztelem Elohim are Jewish ideals taught at camp, they can also be applied to LFTGP, as repairing the world, performing acts of loving kindness, and living in the image of God are important values of the campaign, and are needed in order to spread kindness around the world.