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We are blessed by the support and participation of our community members.  Many in our kehillah kedoshah (holy community) go above and beyond and are generous in their tzedakah in addition to their generous spirit.  We are fortunate to have a group of donors who donate monthly as members of our Chai Giving Circle. Read on for an interview with one such family who shares their motivation for giving back to Eisner Camp.

What inspired you to give to camp?adler-1

We were inspired to give to camp by seeing the impact on our three boys. Each have three very different, yet very positive and personal experiences at Eisner.

How has camp made a difference in your life and your family’s life?

Camp was always a place I (Beth) felt safe and at home. It was where I could be me and not worry about having to explain being Jewish, what it means to be Jewish, or even why am I Jewish. Being able to speak about that experience, and to share that experience with our three boys, is quite special. Sending our boys to Eisner was an easy choice. This was where they knew they would go to camp. They had heard stories from my mother, me (their mom), their aunt and uncle, their cousins, and all of our friends. There is an unspoken understanding about what Eisner means to us and when we can’t explain a reason, we all “get it”.


Do you have a favorite memory, story or aspect of camp that you would like to share?

As a camper, Cameron’s favorite memory is that his Olim buddy, who was later one of his Olim counselors, was present when he met his Bonim buddy. As a parent, one of our favorite moments is watching them charge up Olim Hill to meet their friends, knowing that this is their last summer as campers. It is also very touching watching them say good-bye to the friends and counselors that they have traveled through the years with from Bonim to Olim. The tears, the love, the familiarity, the not wanting to say good-bye, but yet knowing that the summer must come to an end.

If you could have one wish for Eisner, what would it be?

Our one wish for Eisner is that it continues to provide the same meaningful Jewish experiences that our family has experienced for the last three generations, and for the next three to come.

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