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Trip Day, bunk parties, special activities – it’s been an incredible week in the Bubble. What have each of the units been up to this week?


DSCN0035It has been another amazing week in K’tanim! Activities including Israeli scouts, pottery and ceramics, and running and exercise were favorites this week. We also had a great time during our evening programs – learning to be secret agents, training as Jedis, splashing around at a SpongeBob-themed pool party, and getting the counselors messy during Slime Time. On Wednesday, we went on Trip Day to the Norman Rockwell Museum, where we did a scavenger hunt and saw Rockwell’s studio. After, we went mini-golfing, bowling, and played arcade games. When we got back to camp, we had a pajama party with pizza and a movie, Zootopia! The very next day we had our bunk parties at dinner! We are looking forward to another great week in K’tanim.


IMG_2053It was another incredible week in Bonim! We started the week by getting a little messy at our “Bonim Got Guts” program. The next day we had our Bonim Israel Night, during which we learned about different Israeli symbols and heard from our awesome Israeli staff about their different experiences and stories. On Wednesday, we left for our Trip Day! We started by bowling and playing mini-golf, and we ended the day by going on a safari adventure at Action Wildlife, where we saw a real life Zonkey (a zebra-donkey hybrid). The highlight of the week was when we led all of camp in T’filah on Friday night. This was an eventful amazing week, and we can’t wait to see what the final week of the session brings!


IMG_0057This week has been so much fun, from enjoying getting off camp on Trip Day to throwing counselors in the pool! For Trip Day, we had a “day of culture,” during which we went to the Berkshire Museum and saw a play, The Pirates of Penzance at the Barrington Stage Company. We finished the day with a pizza party and an awesome movie, The Incredibles. This week, we also enjoyed new chugim! From archery and basketball to paper making and Wacky Science Night, Chalutzim has had fun and busy days! We can’t wait for all the excitement during the final week of camp!


IMG_8688Ofarim had an awesome week! We had a crazy fun Trip Day on Wednesday visiting Bosquet, an amusement park. There were huge water slides, insane trampolines, and mini-golf galore – it was incredible! During our pool party evening program, we held Olympic-type races between campers and staff. During our “Meme Night” program, we learned about the history of the Internet-based media and reenacted some of it ourselves. Meanwhile, our popular “Amnesia Night” program had campers playing roles and piecing together their collective memory using clues and playing activities. On Yom International, we learned about different cultures from all of the countries represented at camp. We’re looking forward to our Pokemon Go program during the last week of camp!


WP_20160802_17_38_07_ProChaverim had a week full of fun and excitement! We went on our Trip Day to Zoar Outdoor, where we went whitewater rafting and paddled our way down Deerfield River. The next day, we became Pokemon masters as we played Pokemon Go in real life by searching for counselors dressed as Pokemon! We also continued to learn about our Jewish identities in Kesher and prepared to lead all of camp in Shabbat services on the theme of chazak, chazak, v’neit chazek – be strong, be strong, and we will strengthen each other. We had a great week and we’re looking forward to all the fun to come as we head into the last week of camp!


IMG_0224It was a great week for Tzofim! We climbed to new heights, conquered our fears, and ran a little wild…Ramblewild, that is! We had so much fun on our trip to Ramble Wild, an 8-course high ropes adventure program. Campers could choose courses ranging from easy to difficult. It was wonderful to watch everyone cheer each other on. The other exciting thing that happened for Tzofim this week was Yom Tzofim, a day when we got to take over and run camp. Tzofimers helped out in the kitchen and sport areas, and some even got to be directors! Tzofim campers proved their ability to lead their peers and others around camp. We are so excited for the week to come. It should be a blast!


IMG_0551This week in Olim was one of a kind! We had our first upper camp alien invasion program (Pokemon Go-themed) – it was a blast! For Trip Day, we split up and went to a variety of exciting locations, from a waterfall to a zoo to Six Flags! Campers were able to choose where to go, which was unique for Trip Day. We’ve spent much of the week working hard and preparing for the last week of camp, and we can’t wait to see it all unfold over the next few days as we assume our leadership positions on camp. We can’t believe we only have one week left, and we know it will be one we’ll never forget!