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Many of our staff members come from countries far away from the United States for a summer in the Bubble.

Never before have two staff members come from Africa, though.

Yonatan and Samuel are Eisner Camp’s first two counselors from Uganda. Unlike many of our non-Israeli international staff members, who do not practice Judaism but are hired for their passion in specialty areas or experience working with children, Yonatan and Samuel were hired specifically with their Jewish background in mind.

They each hail from the same Jewish community in Uganda – Namatumba. Yonatan has come as a Bonim counselor, while Samuel serves as a counselor in Day Camp and Chalutzim.

Watch how Yonatan and Samuel describe their journey to camp and their life back home – as well as their experience here at Eisner – in the video below!

Yonatan and Samuel’s journey to Eisner Camp is unique and personal, and a great exemplifier of what kind of community Eisner is and always will be. Yonatan and Samuel’s community in Uganda is in need of support, and our community has a responsibility to provide that support. To this end, our staff and campers will have the option of participating in a 10K on Saturday morning, where any proceeds raised will go directly to the Namatumba community. We’ll share information at a later date if you would like to contribute as well. Watch below to see what our campers think about donating to Yonatan and Samuel’s community and their ability to do good in the world.