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The first week of second session has come and gone – what have our units been up to since Monday’s Opening Day?


IMG_8754K’tanim session 3 is off to a roaring start! After meeting our new friends on Opening Day, we had a week full of exciting activities and programs. One of our programs was “Take Your Counselor to Camp Night” – our campers took on the role of counselors for an evening, helping the actual counselors make model airplanes, and even teaching them a thing or two in Limud. We also had Wizardry Night – we made wands, cast spells, and played some quidditch. Some of our favorite activities this week included Jewish cooking, Krav Maga, and ceramics. We can’t wait for this coming week, with a pool party and Trip Day in store!


IMG_8717Week 1 of Session 2 is in the books, and Bonim has had a fantastic week! Opening Day was a great chance for us to connect with friends, old and new. We had a pool party to celebrate the new session, and held a Career Night to explore becoming doctors, lawyers, and even secret agents! On Thursday, we met our Olim buddies for the session – it was so much fun to see such fast friendships form between some of the youngest and oldest campers! Some of our campers began rehearsals for our play this session: “Honk!” We can’t wait to hang out with our friends some more, and go on Trip Day this week!


IMG_8904The first week of second session has been terrific! From pretending we were on Cutthroat Kitchen to dancing and celebrating at our music festival, Chaluchella, it’s been a fun time for all. We celebrated Yom Yisrael (Israel Day), hit some bulls-eyes at archery, cooked Jewish food, and played flag football. Two of our bunks had their Teva experience and had an awesome time completing the adventure ropes course as a team. We’re looking forward to Trip Day, which is just a few days away!


IMG_8886Ofarim had an awesome first week of second session! We had a scavenger hunt, titled “Louis Lost His Marbles,” in which teams worked together to solve clues all over camp. We also got our counselors messy while getting to know them and each other better. We had a rocking Shabbat shira (song session) after Saturday lunch, our first of many to come. Ofarim has been enjoying ceramics, archery, and flag football, along with all of our other activities. Several bunks bonded during their Teva experience, which included a hike and Eisner’s famous Teva Tea. We are looking forward to Trip Day this week!


DSC_0337-2Chaverim had a great start to second session! Although we were sad to see some friends go, we were so excited to welcome new faces into our kehilah! This week, we got to know each other better in our activities and programs, celebrated the Jewish homeland on Yom Yisrael, and visited the Eisner Camp Country Club at our pool party. We also participated in a creative t’filah with our song leader and unit rabbi, from praying IN the pool to meditating during services. We had a great week and can’t wait for all the fun things to come next week, including Trip Day!


DSC_0404Tzofim has had an awesome start to the new session! Opening Day was an amazing chance to make new friends and welcome back returning ones. Our first evening program of the summer involved campers choosing their own adventure, and filling in the gaps of a story only they could tell. In another evening program, our campers and staff showed off their maturity and held impactful discussions about Brexit, human rights, and other issues in our Tzof Cafe. We used those discussions as the basis for the Shabbat morning t’filah we led, which centered around the theme of being a leader. It’s going to be another outstanding week, with Trip Day and some surprises in store!


DSC_0318Olim was so excited to start second session this week! Our full summer campers had so much fun cheering and greeting all of the arriving campers from the front gate all the way to Olim Hill. We had such a great week continuing all of our activities and our Becoming Olim program, as well as welcoming our new friends! We also met our new (or continuing) Bonim buddies on Thursday night, which was really fun for everyone involved. We are so excited for trip day and for the rest of the session! We can’t wait to have a wonderful rest of the summer and can’t believe that the first week of second session is already over!