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We were out and about on camp today speaking with campers as they enjoyed their activities. Here are some responses to our question: “What’s your favorite activity at camp?”IMG_9090

“Krav maga – it’s really fun and Roy, the coach, is a cool guy.” – Jason, Tzofim

“Aerobics…you do lots of dancing and there’s lots of energy and it’s fun.” – Alex, Ofarim

“Hill time – in general I like to hang out with my friends. It’s got a nice view.” – Myles, Olim

“Song session!!” – Eden, Olim

“Sports, like basketball – at the end of the every class we get to play a scrimmage.” – Matthew, K’tanim

IMG_9096-2“I love Teva…[and] volleyball is super fun. Obviously the food [at Teva] is great…you get to bond and find out who people are as people.” – Sandy, Chalutzim

“Drawing…because I like being creative and trying something new.” – Hazel, Chaverim

“Biking is really adventurous…I wouldn’t have done it alone, but [my friends] encouraged me to do it.” – Daphne, Ofarim

“I really like drama, because I get to act and sing.” – Kate, Bonim

“Probably art…I like to be able to usemy hands and be creative while talking with my friends.” – Hannah, K’tanim

“Havdalah…it’s really peaceful and time to be close with the people in your community.” – Sam, Olim