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We are so proud and excited for David Gelfand, as he prepares for the USA Paralympic Trials in Charlotte, NC. We can’t wait to see David in Machon (our Leadership program for rising 12th graders) this summer – but are hoping he arrives really, really late – with gold around his neck!

I am super excited to be a Machon this summer at Eisner, where I have been a camper starting in Chalutzim up until Olim. Although I was born with a short leg and use different prosthetic legs to walk and play sports, I don’t let my physical challenge get in the way of having a fantastic time every year at Eisner. I love to participate in all of the activities at camp, whether it be swimming, climbing the wall, or hiking the Appalachian Trail.

One of my favorite activities at camp and at home is swimming. I have been swimming competitively since I was 7 years old. Now I swim nearly seventeen hours a week and do strength training out of the pool. I can be seen in the water nearly every day, as early as 5 am.

This year, I am reluctantly missing the first week of camp.  During that week, I will be competing for the opportunity to represent the United States of America at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games. The USA Paralympic Trials will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina and feature some of the top disabled swimmers in the world. The Paralympic Games is an international competition that is held two weeks after the Olympics and uses the very same venues, but it is for athletes with physical disabilities. Depending on my performance, I may be selected to represent the United States at the Paralympics.

Eisner has always been a flexible and welcoming place for me.  Whether it is helping me to schedule my day to conserve energy or enabling me to continue my swim training, Eisner has always been accommodating.  I hope you all root for me in Charlotte at Trials! I look forward to coming back home to my camp family, whatever the outcome may be.