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This is the seventh and final installment of our “My Israel Story” series. We’ve been sharing personal photos and stories from our staff about their connection to Israel in honor of Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) and Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day). We look forward to sharing even more of our Israel stories and experiences this summer at camp!

My story is about a moment when I felt very connected to Israel as a citizen of Israel. That moment occurred when I was at Eisner Camp, away from home. This was my first summer at camp as part of the Mishlachat [Israeli Delegation], during the summer of 2014, when there was a military operation called ״ Protective Edge״. It was not easy to be away from home, but all of the Israelis at camp did their best to keep smiling and carry on as usual. One day a camper made a bracelet for each member of the Mishlachat with the Star of David and their name written on it, and a letter in which she wrote that she understands how hard it is and that she supports us. Because of our presence at camp, at least that one camper felt more connected to Israel. That was a moment when I felt connected to Israel, too.

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