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Be the One

Be the One 1Over the past three years, our camp has adopted the mantra of “Be the One.” Each person has a different interpretation, but the overall meaning behind the expression is simple: every individual has the ability to bring about positive change in the world. Through standing up to bullying, feeding the hungry, protecting our environment, and more, Eisner campers truly embody what it means to “Be the One.” Our Ofarim campers have led the charge in exploring what it means to “Be the One,” performing community service around the town of Great Barrington, and planning a Tzedakah Fair the whole camp will attend on Thursday.

Be the One 2The Tzedakah Fair will represent nine different organizations working on the issues of discrimination, poverty, and the environment. Campers will learn how they can get involved in these organizations at home. Many campers have elected to donate their left-over Trip Day money; as a unit, they will vote how they would like to donate these funds to the different organizations represented at the Tzedakah Fair. Augmented by faculty and staff donations, Eisner Camp will make an incredible impact on these organizations.

DSC_5741-1Additionally, musician Alan Goodis joined camp for a week and helped some of our campers write a new camp anthem, “Be the One.” The song, which was debuted at Saturday morning T’filah, centers around the idea of being the one to make a positive impact, beginning at camp and taking that positive power around the world.

Check out our newest song, “Be the One,” and learn what “Be the One” means to our campers!