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Alumni Playdate 2014

On Saturday, July 12, we were incredibly fortunate to be able to spend a sunny Shabbat at Eisner with nearly 20 Eisner alumni families and their young children. We haven’t seen many of our Eisner friends in months or years, so seeing them again brought back all kinds of great memories, and of course meeting and seeing all of their children made us feel old excited to share with them our love of Eisner.

We spent the morning at the day camp playground and then enjoyed a picnic lunch together. Our lunch was followed by a short song session, including Brad Zicholtz leading us in singing “Over the Rafters;” it took all of us to remember the verses, but we did it! In that moment, we felt like we were campers and counselors back in the old Chadar Ochel singing our hearts out to our favorite Eisner song. Since we all have little kids, there’s no “Menucha” for us! We went straight into “Breira” where we could swim, feed the animals (yes, there are animals at camp now!), do some arts and crafts, or go boating. When our children had thoroughly tired themselves (and us!) out, it was time for Popsicle’s, a Shehechiyanu, and L’Hitraot.

We didn’t say “goodbye” because it wasn’t a goodbye – it really is “see you again soon.” Eisner will always bring us back together, and will always feel like home. As parents, many of us aspire to send our children to Eisner when they get a bit older, and this is the perfect way for them to see why Eisner is so special and help them begin to create their own Eisner memories. Being on camp with our children reminds us of “Dor L’Dor” and how we hope we can pass along the wonderful and transformative Eisner experience to the next generation.

It was such a special, spectacular day (thanks to Louis Bordman, Corey Cutler, Rachel Epner, Robin Gossett & day camp staff for welcoming us all to camp and the great weather!) and we hope to do it again next year…if they’ll have us and our crazy kids!

Rachel Segaloff and Stacy Roman