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4th of July

Eisner’s Machon  (entering 12 grade leadership and counselor training program) lead the annual 4th of July carnival. The rain didn’t dampen the spirits or the fun that was had by all of camp. A few of our Machon shared their carnival experiences.

“Fourth of July was an amazing Machon experience because we were able to interact with all the units. I ran the popcorn booth which is much harder than it looks! We had to learn how to work the booth like we learn how to work with campers. Once we mastered the art of popping corn, Day Camp, K’tanim, and Bonim came and were all very excited and overwhelmed by all the options they had. Then all of the other units came and every child was kind and never failed to say please and thank you. The Machonikim were also allowed to help with other booths almost like our unit and specialty rotations. At the end of the carnival, we were able to regroup as a unit and talk about our high points and everyone seemed to fully enjoy their 4th of July. This has been an amazing moment in our summer and I know that all of use cannot wait for future tasks like this.” -Jess

IMG_5762-1024x682“Running the Fourth of July carnival was a privilege I’ve been waiting for since I started my camper life. Each unit has its ‘thing’; Tzofim has Yom Tzofim; Olim has Maccabiah; Machon has the Fourth of July carnival. To be honest, the task seemed pretty daunting at first. We, as machonikim, haven’t had much experience interacting with campers or staff. So, I think it threw us for a loop when we realized that we were actually pretty good at it. I think the most incredible part of the whole experience was watching each other succeed, taking a step back for a minute and just witnessing the magic that is this wonderful group of 51 young adults. As I was rushing to poke holes and yarn through doughnuts for the ‘doughnuts on a string’ booth, I couldn’t keep myself from glancing over at my best friends as they put a smile on the face of each child or staff member they encountered. The Fourth of July carnival was not only a blast; it was the start of a really wonderful transformation from camper to counselor. I couldn’t be more proud of my peers and the extraordinary things were accomplishing together. It wasn’t just America’s Independence Day. It was the day Machon began proving our worthiness of independence on camp.” -Arielle

“Initially, I was unsure of my ability to run the face-painting booth with only three other girls to help me. I didn’t know if I could handle the constant influx of kids that I knew would surely be there. But I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, and touched by the joy on everyone’s faces when I did something as simple as paint an American flag on their cheek or apply a princess tattoo (which by the way were so awesome). It was an incredibly rewarding experience and I realized that I was capable of handling the responsibility.” -Lillian