Blog  Eisner Summer 2013 has officially begun!

Eisner Summer 2013 has officially begun!

The sun was shining and spirits were at an all-time high as we opened the gates at 8:30 AM yesterday morning!  Staff members all over camp were eagerly waiting for their first campers to make their way through the check-in process and up to the bunks.  Once at the bunks, campers and their families were greeted with music, dancing, and enthusiastic counselors.  There were handshakes, high fives and hugs going on all around, with everyone smiling.

After families bid farewell to their campers, our first session of camp really began.  We had bunk picnics, and then rotated through unit meetings, camp tours, specialty presentations and visits from the directors.  All of camp then came together for a safety drill and headed into the Chadar Ohel for our first dinner as an entire camp. Everyone was excited to see the The Daily Bubble is again a dining hall staple, and that we were having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

From dinner we moved to our outdoor sanctuary, the Beit T’filah for our special opening ceremony.  In Pirkei Avot, we are taught to make a fence round the Torah, so in our opening ceremony that is exactly what we did.  Our oldest campers, Olim and Machon encircled all of the campers and staff in the Beit T’filah and then started to pass Torahs from oldest to youngest.  While we were passing the Torahs from generation to generation, the entire camp would erupt in prayer, song and dance in something that truly represents Eisner Camp.  And as it always is, we sang a blessing in which we say “we thank you God for returning us to this holy place,” because we are holy, and this camp is holy.

Thank you for joining us for Eisner Summer 2013!  It’s going to be extraordinary.

  • alison

    My daughters first time away so I am grateful for glimpses into how her first day was spent. THANKS for keeping us posted.

  • Jeff Zane

    Just a suggestion…… Giving us information specific to the different age groups would be even better.

  • Robyn

    Jeff, check out the link to the Daily Bubble for a little more group-by-group insight

  • Manya

    Great Video! Our kids are so blessed to be at Eisner. @ Jeff, you can go on and sign up. They have a photo gallery that is updated daily of all the kids and they specify groups and such. You don’t even need to order bunk mail credits to see them gallery. There is a free box on bottom although sending bunk mail is very convenient 🙂