Blog  Camp Store, grUVy Wear, Bunk 1 and More

Camp Store, grUVy Wear, Bunk 1 and More

Enjoy our brand new camp store and new vendor as well as grUVy Wear, that provides UV protective summer gear.

New for this summer: 2013 Eisner Yearbook. You can pre-purchase your yearbook for $15 on opening day of each session. You will still receive the summer memories DVD at Chanukah, but this professionally printed keepsake will be sent to you in early Fall.
We will be distributing mailing labels on opening day so you can properly label packages to send to your camper.
Click the images below to learn more about:

  • Bunk 1 Summer Email and Photos
  • SWAK care packages
  • Lice Treatment Center products to ensure your child arrives lice free
  • The new camp store with old favorites and brand new campwear
  • grUVy Wear’s UV protective clothing with the camp logo on every item
  • NameDropper clothing labels, so that no shirt is left behind!
  • Travmark insurance, for cancellation and extended coverage
  • Samantha Dunford

    Good Morning Samie,

    It is Thursday morning and we wanted to say Hello. We are sure you are so busy that you don’t have time to write.
    Grandpa and I are so excited that we will see you in 3 more days, on Sunday visiting day. Can’t wait to see you !!!!!!!

    Love You——————-SEE YOU SOON
    Grandma & Grandpa