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We are fortunate to have many buildings on camp that are rich with history, memories and traditions. We work hard to preserve the character of these buildings while making the repairs necessary to keep them useful and safe. Last week, with the floor of the Olim Beit Am collapsing, we called in structural engineers to take a look. These inspectors told us the foundation was beyond repair, the building had become unsafe and that they would not allow us to use the building any longer.

Even as we solemnly acknowledged the loss of this old building, we committed ourselves to preserving the Olim Beit Am’s symbolic significance and storied history. Our first order of business was to save everything we could that was meaningful to our campers, staff and alumni. To that end, we removed the plaques that seemed to be holding the walls together, and we photographed all of the murals on the exterior to capture these snapshots of Olim history. Our hope is to mount the plaques on the ceiling of the new Olim Beit Am, and to hang large-scale photos of the murals inside, giving campers a glimpse into the past. And with new wall space on the exterior and interior of the new Olim Beit Am, Olim campers well into the future will have space to create their own murals, continuing the tradition of leaving physical stamps of their legacies well into the future.

The new building will look almost exactly as the old one, just updated, with a new foundation, working windows and doors as well as a set of bathrooms inside the building.

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  • Beth Newman Adler

    To say that I’m bummed, is an understatement. However, many of the buildings on camp weren’t built to last forever, even though we all like it if they did. Sad to see another building I love come down, but as long as the plaques and pictures of murals will be placed in the new building, I guess I can’t complain.

    -Beth (Newman) Adler

  • Neil Nadel

    Sad to hear the original building had to go. But I’m glad to hear a new will be built. The significance to me of the building was that it was THE meeting place for that unit… For programs, barbecue night, movie night, chill time, etc. I’m glad Olim will still have its space.

  • Melissa Esposito Liebowitz

    Wow! Bummed but I understand! Eisner will look so different when AJ and my children come, but I hope there are wonderful memories in the new buildings that are being created.

    Melissa Esposito Liebowitz

    • Rachel Segaloff

      Melissa – fun to see your name again after all these years – you were one of my Ofarim campers. And now, here you are…married with kids! Hope all is well!! Are you coming to the 55th Reunion in August? My family and I will be there!

  • Rich

    Get building quickly!

    You cant have much more than 6 weeks?

    • Andy Marcus

      Was that the Chaluztim Bet Am back in the day?

  • Beth Steinberg

    I wanted to say that was the Chaluztim Bet Am back in the day when that was in 1973

  • Lisa

    Speaking of Olim……Where are the postings of all the Maccabiah songs from 2012?