Blog  Note From Alumni Chair, Yonni (Limmer) Wattenmaker

Note From Alumni Chair, Yonni (Limmer) Wattenmaker

Dear Fellow Alumni,

I hope you all had a meaningful Thanksgiving and are having a bright & joyous Chanukah!.

As the days become shorter and nights grow colder, it is natural to think about the long, hot, fun days of summer. One of the highlights of my summers has become visiting camp and seeing the relationships that continue to bloom and grow at Eisner each summer. It’s amazing when I look at my son and his friends and think about how, years from now, so many of them will still be connected to one another, just as so many of us still are. I will never forget Gwen Steinhauer’s forever famous quote “3 words: Friendship Forever.” Isn’t that so much of what Eisner is about?

To that end, please join me at Eisner Camp’s 55th birthday celebration for a reunion weekend, August 23-25, 2013. The goal of this weekend is not only to reunite old friends, and reestablish lost friendships, but in keeping with Chanukah’s theme of rededication, our hope is that this event will serve to “rededicate” and rebuild the Olim Beit Am, in desperate need of repair, to help “keep the hill alive!” |

While more information will follow, please plan to come ~ alone, with family, or with friends ~ spend just Shabbat or the whole weekend ~ and experience camp all over again! We already have a great committee in place and Shabbat, singing, dancing, arts & crafts, playing sports, and making s’mores are all a part of what will surely be an exciting and memorable time for all who attend.

With warm wishes for Chanukah and the new year,

Yonni (Limmer) Wattenmaker
Alumni Chair
Eisner Camp ’82…’91