Blog  Shabbat Shalom from the First Shabbat of Second Session

Shabbat Shalom from the First Shabbat of Second Session

As the melodic sound of guitars filled the air at 5:15pm, we knew Shabbat was here. Everyone was sporting their white attire as they gathered for Kabbalat Shabbat with their bunkmates and counselors. Songs were sung like “Boi Kallah” and “La Yehudim” to welcome in the magic of Shabbat. Our community came together in song, and then walked down to the Chadar Ochel for dinner. Shabbat dinner is a unique experience for the campers, as they are allowed to sit with family and friends as well as experience the beauty of coming together to celebrate the end of the week.

The prayers were said, including the blessing over the candles, grape juice, and challah, and blessing both the girls and boys at the table. The challah was ripped by the campers to share, and the special (and delicious) meal began! Shabbat favorites were served, such as chicken, roasted potatoes, soup, and vegetables for everyone to enjoy. Shabbat dinner gave both campers and counselors the opportunity to catch up with friends and feel a sense of relaxation.

Following dinner, everyone headed to the Beit T’filah where Ofarim led a beautiful service. Lauren Hirth, a Chaverim camper discussing the great work Ofarim put in their service as she said, “The first Shabbat of second session was full of energy and excitement. I was amazed at how quickly and well Ofarim put together their service!” Ofarim set the bar high for leading an outstanding service with their dance, song, art and readings, but we know that the rest of the units will do as great of a job when they have the opportunity to lead their service this session!

Once T’filah was over, campers enjoyed an oneg of brownies on Universal Lawn and then headed into the Beit Am for song session. Olim campers lined up outside of the Beit Am to greet the rest of camper with cheering and high fives! Campers enjoyed jumping, singing, and dancing to their favorite songs led by the song leaders. The entire camp was full of energy and excitement; it was truly a sight to see! Like every Shabbat at camp, Israeli dancing follows song session. Everyone exited the Beit Am and headed on the Quad for dancing under the stars! Eisner campers and counselors celebrate the end of our Friday night festivities with circle dances, individual dances, and camp dances. Overall, the first Shabbat of second session at Eisner was a huge success. It was beautiful to see camp come together to celebrate such a special time of the week, and we cannot wait for the next Shabbat to come!